Single Issue No. 19


LG No. 19, 59 pages. (1 PDF issue).
Cover image by Alex Webb (Magnum Photos).
Alex Webb (Magnum Photos): The Colour of Light
Christopher Barrett: Sculpted Presence
Alan Ross: Measuring Light
Paula Chamlee: Nothing is Unimportant
Gordon Undy: Paul Caponigro
John Wimberley: Coyote Hill

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This is a sensational edition of Looking Glass.

Were someone to mention to you, as a photographer, the names of Paula Chamlee, Alan Ross, Christopher Barrett, Paul Caponigro, Alex Webb (Magnum), and John Wimberley and told you they were all featured in one magazine you would flip to be able to read it. You would be rewarded in so many ways. You would be reading Looking Glass #19.  This magazine – Now!

In this edition you will meet two new contributing names in David Tatnall from my home country, Australia, who interviewed Barrett in Sculpted Presence, and Christopher Deere who spoke with Alex Webb about his work in Colour of Light.  We welcome them both.  If you have been subscribing for a while you may miss the writing of David Roberts who is leaving us to focus intensely on his own work.  We thank him most sincerely for his contributions.

I have no desire to embarrass Laura Campbell, our publisher, founder and fine artist but she sweats blood (or should I be chivalrous and say ‘glows’ with blood) to bring Looking Glass to you every edition, but we all owe her our thanks and our subscriptions for doing it.  With luck she may not strike this paragraph in her final edit.

However it is not good enough!  It must get better!  This, therefore, is the last of the two-monthly editions of LG.  From this time the magazine will be issued Quarterly.  A little longer to wait between thrills but by taking that little extra time we think we can make an even better magazine.

Actually it will help you to understand if you do not consider this as the last of the two-monthly issues but as the first of the Quarterly issues. See how good it will be!

I have probably said enough though I am tempted to wax lyrically about the stunning stuff in this issue.  I have just seen it all together for the first time and am delighted with it.  But to go on would be to risk sounding like the computer salesman who spent the first night of his honeymoon sitting on the edge of the bed telling his new wife how good it was going to be.

So please read on, enjoy, and thank you for being with us.

Gordon Undy
29th June 2017


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