Single Issue No. 10


LG No. 10, 103 pages. (Single PDF Issue)


Looking Glass No. 10

Dear Photography Aficionados,

It’s been a busy year around here!  Laura has been chained to her desk for months building the new website. The rest of us have been scurrying around like mice in The Nutcracker, looking for interesting contributors and developing content. One of our primary goals for the coming year is to publish work by photographers with a greater diversity of artistic voice, intent and geography. We are endeavouring to be more relevant than just showcasing beautiful photography. Diverse voices and images may stretch our comfort zone at times and we think that’s a very good thing. We begin this month with a special photographic project by Kimberly Anderson who has been documenting the stories of women known as the Mama Dragons.

Also this month:

Tales from the Lens relays a fascinating account by Michael Duggan. He was lucky enough to participate in a workshop taught by a “dream team” of 20th Century photographers.

Hugo Zhang’s large format portraits give us a glimpse of Tibet and its inhabitants. His choice of a vintage Graflex 4×5 camera surprisingly puts subjects at ease.

Jim Fitzgerald gives us the simple explanation of how the carbon transfer process works and shows a portfolio of fine examples.

Learn about old-school traditional craft when we check in with Katherine Gillis. Gillis has been spotting and retouching negatives and prints for 23 years including one of the most well-known print series in photographic history.

The monthly column ‘Ramblings’ encourages us to consider and embrace the value of ignorance. ‘My Collection’ delves into the depths of a Paul Caponigro photograph. Finally, and not to be missed, our ‘One for the Road’ feature includes a delightful story – one ‘from’ the road. Gordon Undy shares the joy of a photographic moment taken from one of his many photographic journeys.

 (LG No. 10, 103 pages) Single PDF issue.

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