No. 17

LG No. 17, 61 pages. (1 PDF issue). Cover image by Constantine Manos.
Alan Ross: A Brave New World & The Way I See It
Tim Scott: Creative Directions
David Roberts: Ramblings
Gordon Undy: My Collection
John Wimberley: The Silver Bulletin
Paula Chamlee: From This Side

#17 DescriptionIn LG17, we interviewed featured artist Tim Scott to find a backroad into his creativity, his interest in vintage automobiles and the culture that keeps them running. His portfolio feels like time travel to the gritty mechanic’s world of the early twentieth century.

Alan Ross is also a featured artist in LG17. In this Looking Glass interview, Ross shares a beautiful, wide-ranging portfolio that displays his mastery of the craft and some fascinating photographic history as well. As our readers know, Ross writes a regular column and shares valuable techniques and anecdotes. This interview is no exception and goes even further as we learn more about Ross and the environment where his artistic vision bloomed. But that’s not all! In his regular column, The Way I See It, Ross propels us into the digital age, wide-eyed and eager to apply the Zone System to digital photography. Don’t have a proper holster for that spot meter in the closet? No problem, your DSLR has already has a spot meter!

In The Silver Bulletin, John Wimberley returns with a column that transports us with him on what can be described as part history lesson, and part photographic meditation with a dose of suspense. Experience his method of backcountry solitude in the making of the photograph, The Dreaming Owl.

In his ongoing series, My Collection, Gordon Undy shares an emotional print called Grieving Woman by Constantine Manos. Undy contemplates the feeling of presence and its impact from the way the photograph is captured. Photographers often say that it is the mind that makes the picture, not the type or brand of camera. The choices made by this Magnum photographer are conscious and evident.

Want to learn how to better use the force? In her column, From This Side, Paula Chamlee explores the inner conflict between thinking and feeling as it relates to creativity and a sustained career as an artist. Finally, see what David Roberts is up to in his column, Ramblings.

Some artists contemplate deeply, refining mastered techniques as they mature and turn out volumes of quality work. Others break cultural and institutional barriers to create art of a nature never seen before. What will you do after LG17?

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