No. 15

LG No. 15, 60 pages, single issue. (1 PDF issue). Cover image by Paula Chamlee.
Paula Chamlee: An Artist’s Point Of View
Sandy King: Carbon Hand(made) Print
Alan Ross: The Way I See It
David Roberts: Ramblings
Gordon Undy: My Collection
John Wimberley: The Silver Bulletin

#15 Description: In LG15, one of our features is an interview Sandy King about his experience with carbon transfer printing. His work, and the work of his students shows how alternative or historic process printing is thriving. I met Sandy in 2014, literally bumping into him on the street. He graciously invited me to dinner where we discussed Van Dyke Brown process and other aspects of photography. It was a thrill to meet a photographer and technician with such vast expertise and the friendly willingness to share it. In our interview with Paula Chamlee, Paula discusses her versatility and passion for many types of subjects and projects. Her inclination to be interested in many styles of art is something I easily connect with as well.

Also in this issue, in The Silver Bulletin, John Wimberley lets us in on some personal history, what I would describe as a photo train wreck at the foot of Mount Olympus. Comedy! Tragedy! Towering figures, and finally redemption. You’ll have to read it for yourself. Gordon Undy reveals a beautiful AZO print by Paula Chamlee for our ongoing series, My Collection. David Roberts confronts the dreaded wall in his column, Ramblings. Alan Ross discusses lenses, separating the myths from the facts about perspective in his column, The Way I See It.

That is all of the candy in your pillowcase for LG15, the magazine you can read without wearing your costume. Enjoy!

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