No. 14

LG No. 14, 68 pages, single issue. (1 PDF issue). Cover image by Michael Kenna.
Michael Kenna: A Man With A Camera
Gordon Undy: The Platinum Aesthetic, My Collection, Focussing The View Camera Part 3
Alan Ross: The Way I See It
David Roberts: Ramblings
John Wimberley: The Silver Bulletin

#14 Description: Bingo! We have a winner here. LG14 is going to keep you busy for a while with sensational photography, insights, and valuable how-to advice. More than that, this issue is a “be-in”, man. Across the columns, I sense a concurrent theme of being—becoming quiet, present, or remote enough to allow ourselves access to seeing, and contentment that has nothing directly, yet everything to do with image making.

Although David Roberts has his hands deep in a tray of Pyrocat HD and we have to wait another issue to see the large-format goodness in progress, David’s Ramblings column is an appetizer of the main course to come. He is kind enough to share part of his journey with photos captured by a clever mobile device designed in California. In The Way I See It, Alan Ross illuminates visualization and composition with wonderful examples and valuable insights. Our feature portfolio is an interview with Michael Kenna. Simply put, Kenna’s work is stunning. His thoughtful compositions are masterfully accomplished and somewhat Expressionist in nature. Gordon Undy unwraps his personal connection to a print by Kenna in My Collection. In The Silver Bulletin, John Wimberley continues his series photographing Christine with disarming clarity and precision. Then, more from Undy with a fantastic platinum portfolio. And finally, Focussing the View Camera: Part Three.

Backcountry solitude, visualization with Ross, Kenna’s visual haiku, Wimberley’s intentional desire, artisan platinum printing, master-class camera technique, and a bathroom selfie. Only in Looking Glass. Please do enjoy!

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