No. 13

LG No. 13, 64 pages, single issue. (1 PDF issue). Cover image by Ralph Gibson.
Angie Turnbull: The Love Of It
Tobi Wilkinson: India
Tim Scott: Portrait Of A Landscape
Alan Ross: The Way I See It
Gordon Undy: My Collection
David Roberts: Ramblings
John Wimberley: The Silver Bulletin

#13 Description:  This issue has a nice balance between method and philosophy of image making. I find that it is particularly inspiring to read the writing of talented and seasoned photographers that are still searching for the answer to our essential question: What am I trying to do here and how will I accomplish it? After reading all of the contributions, I have come to the conclusion that it’s as easy as ABC, Always Be Composing!

In this action-packed issue, we all get to sit in first class. In One for the Road, Tim Scott seeks to understand what makes a successful landscape. On an unplugged and extended version of Ramblings, David Roberts lets us in on his private journey that is happening at this very moment! In The Way I See It, Alan Ross continues to find new ways to teach others to “see” photographically. Featured artist Tobi Wilkinson’s portfolio presents an intimate window into India. Gordon Undy shares a photograph by Ralph Gibson in our ongoing series, My Collection. In The Silver Bulletin, John Wimberley goes underwater for the Realization of Anima. Featured artist Angie Turnbull’s still life portfolio is like a visual artist finding a time machine.

Want to improve your technique and results? Looking Glass Loves explores some of Alan Ross’s upcoming workshops. Finally, if you’re trying to get everything in focus from your shoe laces to the moon, read this month’s how-to: Focussing the View Camera: Part Two. It makes me wonder, is the moon really at infinity or do we have to set our sights a little further? Enjoy!

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