Alan Ross Photo Challenge

December 7, 2017

You’re invited to participate in Alan Ross’ photo challenge, Too Close to Home.

I think the most difficult thing for any of us whose work is in the recording and expressive interpretation of our surroundings, is to work “too close to home.” Sometimes you just have to prime the pump. – Alan Ross (To Close to Home: Getting Past Artist’s Block, Looking Glass No. 20)

Are you ready to participate? To begin, read Alan’s article To Close to Home: Getting Past Artist’s Block — this will give you some powerful tools to supercharge your camerawork. When you’ve completed Alan’s challenge, come and see us on our Facebook page and share those awesome photographs that you made (too close to home).

(You can post your images to our FB page, or tag us @lookingglasszine. Deadline Jan 7, 2018.)

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