John Wimberley: Looking Glass No. 11

February 29, 2016

Inspired, great, wonderful, the best … just a few of the accolades our readers have written about Looking Glass Magazine.  No. 11:

Looking Glass No. 11
John Wimberley, Jeremy Rabie, Tom Rambaut, Scott Stillman, Gordon Undy, David Roberts

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Sacred Bellows,

As with children, we aren’t supposed to have a favorite. That said, this issue stands out among the crowd. Although we plan months in advance, a slot for this contributor or that article, a Looking Glass issue takes on a life of its own and No. 11 is no exception. Eleven is considered good luck in numerology, and I would be remiss not to quote Nigel Tufnel at this point, “This one goes to eleven.” A theme has emerged, they always do, and No. 11 is a how-to manual. It’s not a technical how-to, but a spiritual guide that helps us look inward and reflect on why we do what we do, and how being more present as we work will result in better photographs.

First, an exciting announcement, John Wimberley is going to be a regular contributor for Looking Glass and we would like to welcome him with open arms. As you will see in this issue, Wimberley is a captivating writer and a brilliant photographer. Rather than an essay about the photographs, his piece is an exploration on a way of being, and how a philosophy for conscious living impacts his photography and the creative process.

Also In this issue:
Gordon Undy shares his valuable insight with a photograph by John Wimberley in Undy’s ongoing feature, My Collection. In One for the Road, Jeremy Rabie gives us an inside look at the challenges of learning, and relearning photography later in life. Take a look at our interview with Tom Rambaut and images from his project. You certainly can’t accuse Looking Glass of not covering the Australian rodeo! In Ramblings, David Roberts encourages us to nurture our appreciation for a photographic road less traveled.

Finally, as we walk this quest together, I ask you to participate! How, dear reader, does your inner voice speak to you as you make photographs? We would love to know, and we will post some responses in issue No. 12 and on our Facebook page. You will find the secret link in The Form of a Question.

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